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Photo : This child’s cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed in time.


To improve the chances of survival for children suffering from cancer, the Foundation has set up the My Child Matters program on three continents.

Each year, nearly 250,000 children and adolescents are faced with cancer, and 100,000 of them die. In industrialized countries, 80% of them can be cured. This figure falls to 20% or even 10% in a country with limited resources, and yet 80% of the children who are affected live in these geographies. The reasons are patent: lack of information, late diagnosis, and often difficult access to care and treatment. To reduce these disparities, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation devised the My Child Matters initiative. In operation since 2006 with the Union for International Cancer Control (U.I.C.C.), St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and other partner organizations, this ambitious program provides financial support, aid from international experts, and in-country networking for project developers. It is one of the most important initiatives ever implemented to fight against pediatric cancer in developing countries.

Nine years of action and sustainable progress

With a total contribution of €7.2 million from the Foundation to date, 45 projects have been supported in 33 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. They have already helped support 40,000 children and train 10,000 health professionals. The ultimate goal is to encourage governments to integrate this fight in their national programs to extend and sustain the work that has already been accomplished.

Doctor Alia Zaidi, MCM Medical director

« 2013 was a very important year for the My Child Matters (MCM) program. Approaching the end of its first decade, the program saw a significant change in the program’s focus by deliberate emphasis on local and regional collaboration to help maximize impact and develop sustainable partnerships. »