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Testimony from beneficiaries

Photo : Doctor Paule Barnu.

Photo : Fatoumata Dramé.

Fatoumata, undocumented and without any resources, and soon a mother

When she was four months pregnant, Fatoumata was left homeless and empty-handed by her companion who did not want the baby she was expecting. Luckily, a friend where she first found refuge had heard of SOLIPAM (Solidarité Paris Maman).

Coordinating care and accommodation arrangements

“The women we support are medical emergency cases and live in constant fear,” says director Doctor Paule Barnu. Because they are itinerants, they are not registered with any social service and are poorly monitored. Our mission is to try and stabilize their lives wherever they live and whatever their administrative situation, and enable them to give birth to their child under the safest conditions.”

Young mothers who receive better support

In 2013, 316 women were supported by SOLIPAM and received accommodation and administrative and medical monitoring through the network (mother & child support, maternity homes, city hall professionals). The financial support from the Sanofi Espoir Foundation allows SOLIPAM to step up its organization for social support and cultural mediation. Fatoumata is smiling again since Penda was born. “I was completely burnt out but I felt so well supported that I regained hope.”

The Foundation helps us to set up an innovative and experimental approach


In the Ile-de-France in recent years, a number of pregnant women have been living in increasingly precarious conditions. This phenomenon has taken dramatic proportions, and hospitals are accommodating a growing number of women about to give birth without having had any medical monitoring during their pregnancies. Insufficient or even a complete lack of prenatal care can expose mothers and their babies to various complications - a greater risk of prematurity, SGA infants, and caesarean deliveries. Sanofi Espoir Foundation is supporting the efforts of the SOLIPAM network, which includes medical and psychosocial professionals Ile-de-France who are dealing with health risks to extremely poor mothers and children at risk. Its mission is to facilitate cooperation between public and private sector hospitals, and local organizations in order to ensure and optimize care for these pregnant women, young mothers and their children until the third month after birth.