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To help improve healthcare for the most vulnerable, the Foundation is committed to helping its historic partners.


Developing the activities of CASOs (Reception, Guidance and Care Centers) in four French cities.

Lyon – Toulouse – Montpellier – Paris

This program aims to intensify the action of MDM among people in very insecure jobs, especially women (39% of those admitted) and children (12.5%). In these centers, medical teams carry out more than 6,000 medical consultations a year, half of them in Paris. The partnership with the Foundation includes financial support worth almost 600,000 euros over three years , which extends nearly 15 years of support for the actions of NGOs in France and worldwide.


Improving access to the health of communities in precarious situations, especially minors.

Photo : For minors up to the age of 18, MdM has opened a cost-free medico-social consultation service in Koungou.

Supporting the right to health protection

In this French overseas community, the social safety net currently in force excludes foreigners without residence permits (mostly Comoros) but also those members of the Mayotte population who are unable to justify their marital status, which accounts for about a third of the population. Through this program, all children from 0 to 18 can have a free and open right to all medical consultation, fixed and mobile, supplemented by social support, information, guidance and assistance with administrative procedures so as to be registered with the social security system.


Optimizing and creating new medical centers for people without resources.

Throughout the country

To meet the growing need for remote care systems and to better meet local conditions, the Foundation is helping the Red Cross develop and modernize its scheme. New branches were created in 2013 including a medical truck in the Ain region, medical hotlines in Roubaix and Tourcoing, and a "Dieppe mobile" service for three sensitive urban areas. The Foundation is committed to this project to cover as much of regions as possible with up to 600,000 euros in funding over three years.


As the Samusocial Paris partner for nearly 15 years, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation supports the aid work of mobile teams for the very poor.

A pilot survey of homeless families

Since 2011, the Foundation has been supporting the “Children and Families Without Housing” (ENFAMS) investigation/action. It is designed to better understand the living conditions, personal histories and health of children and homeless families in the Ile-de-France area so that their health problems can be better and more quickly treated. In 2014, the lessons learned from the survey will provide input to training health and social work professionals, working in collaboration with the SOLIPAM network that helps pregnant women and their babies in serious distress.