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Photo : In the Central African Republic (RCA), children are also victims of the inter-communal conflict that has scarred the country.


In natural disasters or conflicts, health needs pose vital problems and require emergency and post-emergency solutions. To rescue injured, homeless or displaced victims, the Foundation works with NGOs in the field.

In 2013, the Foundation and its Sanofi affiliates provided emergency aid to nine countries. They include those affected by the crisis in Syria (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq), in China, and in the countries of the Indian Ocean (Comoros, Mozambique and Seychelles) along with donations of medicines and vaccines for 14 countries aiding a total of 2.85 million beneficiaries.

Coordinated actions with NGOs

By virtue of its highly operational approach, the Foundation is familiar with emergency players and can act quickly in coordination with on-site teams. In addition to immediate aid (donations of medicines and vaccines), it also tries to provide more sustainable assistance to those affected by emergencies.

Creation of the Ready Fund with the French Red Cross

The Foundation has therefore backed the creation of the Ready Fund, specially created to extend the scope of the Red Cross’ on-site actions in low-profile crises and ensure that vulnerable communities are better prepared for disasters.

Aiding the civil war-torn population in Bangui

In the Central African Republic, the violence fueled by the political crisis plunged the city into a serious crisis, forcing its inhabitants to flee from physical mistreatment. To respond to health emergencies, the Foundation is currently supporting via the Fund Ready a medical program to provide primary health care to 9,000 residents in three Bangui neighborhoods. Emergency kits were also supplied via the Tulipe association to which the Foundation provided financial support and donations of medicines.