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Employees commitment

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation led our commitment to international solidarity that stands at the heart of the Group’ societal responsibility and forms part of its DNA.

Some 110,000 Sanofi employees share the common mission of improving the health of seven billion people around the world. In seeking solutions to improve the lives of others, they build up their own capacity for empathy and a feeling of closeness to those in need. They come together in a shared commitment that is rooted in the Group’s history, business and values. This is not merely a company tagline: it translates a genuine sense of solidarity that gives meaning to their work day after day.

Four years ago, Sanofi created a special department for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and this initiative helped inspire solidarity among its employees. I believe this is taking on greater importance in our group, particularly among younger people who are eager to know about our CSR projects even before they join the company. As a global leader and healthcare partner, we have an enormous responsibility towards our internal and external stakeholders. This means building clear and consistent projects aligned with the issues that we consider essential – removing the barriers to healthcare in developing, emerging and industrialized countries. When employees believe strongly in this, they expect us to offer them an action program that truly reflects this corporate solidarity.

By getting involved on the ground, Sanofi employees play a key role in the Group’s vigorous local presence.

This is what makes the Sanofi Espoir Foundation so important when it encourages all Group employees to join the Season of Solidarity. The multitude of proposed activities and the large number of participants - staff and associated partners - have shown that this international and highly-unifying event matched their expectations. For the Group, this represents a tremendous opportunity to build lasting relationships with local stakeholders. And internally, it is a persuasive tool for uniting our people and boosting their sense of belonging to the Group as they work together on a unifying project that can help disadvantaged communities.

Photo : John Spinnato, Vice-President CSR Sanofi U.S.

« The mission we have set ourselves can be summed up in three “I”: imagination, innovation, and impact. »