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Photo : “Stop hunger event”: employees of Sanofi U.S. have prepared more than 10,000 bags protein-rich rice to combat malnutrition of vulnerable populations.

In the 110 countries where the Group is present, Sanofi employees will immediately rally round in an emergency while being actively involved in local community projects. Here are some examples.


Many of Sanofi’s current and former employees want to give deeper meaning to their commitment by offering their time and skills to actions of general interest. This international platform dedicated to volunteering has been launched with five pilot countries (Brazil, China, United States, France, and Morocco) to provide relevant information to employees who are seeking relevant outreach projects by publishing mission opportunities with partner associations, and collecting and leveraging feedback.


To step up its commitment to social responsibility, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation has organized an original Solidarity Challenge based on loans instead of donations. The idea is to offer Group employees €20 or more to fund social entrepreneurs around the world and help them grow their business and improve their living conditions. This action forms part of the Season of Solidarity, organized annually in Sanofi affiliates around the world. In this first challenge, 369 employees in France lent a total of €20,700. Supplemented by a sum of €20,000 from the Foundation, this overall loan helped a total of 40 social micro-entrepreneurs.