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Testimony from employees

Photo : Jiajian Min.

Jiajian Min, As CSR Director at Sanofi China, he organized the subsidiary Season of Solidarity 2013.

“At Sanofi, our key concern is the health of others. Not just patients around the world, but also people in our own personal environment. The Season of Solidarity offers us a wonderful opportunity to prove this - and we are very proud of it! It is important for a company to help employees get involved in such activities. As well as doing some good, it enables colleagues who do not know each other to meet and even makes friends with each other.”

Photo : Shihui Chen.

Shihui Chen, A Sanofi volunteer, she has accompanied people in wheelchairs during a recreational outing in a park.

“Everyone wants to help each other, but we don’t always have the means to do so on our own. I am proud that my company had the idea of organizing an outing for people with disabilities. They rarely have a chance to admire the beauty of nature in autumn! Today, they can finally feel on a par with non-disabled people. Being disabled myself, I can understand how they feel.”

Logo : Sanofi Season of Solidarity 2013.

Between October and December each year, all of Sanofi’s entities focus their employees and partners (associations, NGOs) on shared community projects. These can include solidarity lunches, sales of handicrafts for the benefit of partner associations, collecting toys or necessities for people in difficulty (glasses, hygiene products, clothing), or sporting challenges. In several regions of France, for example, employees prepared cakes for sale on behalf of an association; in Argentina, they made “Christmas boxes” for needy families; in Indonesia they collected plastic waste, and in the United States, nearly 10,000 bags of protein-rich rice were prepared for vulnerable people. For the second Sanofi Season of Solidarity, 17 affiliates (involving some 75 sites around the world) ran solidarity actions involving their employees and association partners. More than 17,500 people participated in the event including 7,200 employees who took part in volunteer activities on-site or externally to benefit needy children and families.