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The Sanofi Espoir Foundation has four complementary governance bodies to ensure its full relevance, efficiency and transparency. They are composed of representatives of the Sanofi Group and personalities who are qualified in the field of public health and development aid.


To make recommendations to the Board of Directors and validate new projects that receive aid in excess of €50,000, the Project Selection Committee brings together matching forms of expertise to ensure impartial decision-making. The Committee is composed of personalities who are internal or external to Group and three members of the Foundation (Managing Director, program manager and project manager). Depending on the projects examined, ad hoc experts may also be called in.

Photo : The Foundation team, from left to right: Caty Forget, Catherine Boniface, Amélie Moritz Gerbaud, Nathalie Bocquet.


Two committees of experts that are both independent of and complementary to the Selection Committee and the Board of Directors guide the Foundation in identifying and constructing programs to fight against childhood cancer and maternal and neonatal mortality. The first Committee was established with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). Chaired by Professor Raul Ribeiro of St Jude Children's Research Hospital, it brings together international experts from 11 partner organizations, all specialists in pediatric oncology. The second committee was established in early 2013 and brings together midwives, medical experts in public health, in obstetrics and genecology, in partnership with the International Federation of Midwives (ICM).


The team proposes new projects, meets partners, monitors and evaluates projects, coordinates humanitarian emergencies, helps to mobilize the Group’s employees, leads the Selection Committee and advises affiliates on their solidarity agendas.


To provide direction, validate strategic projects financed at over €200,000 per year and ensure its proper management, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation depends on a Board of Directors chaired by Jean-François Dehecq, former President of Sanofi, and composed 15 members. It meets at least twice a year.

Founding members

Serge WEINBERG, Chairman of the Board of Directors Sanofi – Christopher A. VIEHBACHER, C.E.O. of Sanofi – Jérôme CONTAMINE, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer – Pascale WITZ, Executive Vice President, Global Divisions & Strategic Development – Gilles LHERNOULD, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility – Laure THIBAUD, Senior Vice President, Communications – Robert SEBBAG, Vice President, Access to Medicines – Caty FORGET, Managing Director of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation.

Staff representatives

Françoise PIERRE, Strategy & Innovation Division, Secretary of the Group's European work council – Cristina MOSCARDI, Director of Social Responsibility for the Latin American region.

External qualified personalities

Jean-François DEHECQ, President of the Foundation – Alice DAUTRY, General Director of the Pasteur Institute – Jean-Michel SEVERINO, Member of the Académie des Technologies, Manager of Investisseur et Partenaire (former Vice President at the World Bank and Director General of the French Development Agency) – Safiatou THIAM, Public health doctor, former Minister of Health in Senegal – Juan Antonio DE CASTRO DE ARESPACOCHAGA, Professor and Director of the Development Policy Group (DPG) of the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).