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Dear partners and readers,

A year ahead of the expiry date for the Millennium Development Goals, which have been such an important driver of collective actions, we know that the goals will be very unevenly achieved in different countries and even in different regions in the same country. This is why civil society, the private sector and governments must continue to work together beyond 2015 to reduce poverty in the world and improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people.

Private players such as Foundations creates value for the beneficiaries who stand constantly at the heart of our programs and ultimately for society as it moves forward.

« Foundations play a pivotal role in promoting co-partnerships. »

Building on a clear agenda for reducing health inequalities, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation continued its support in 2013 for access to care for the neediest populations through 58 multiannual programs carried out in 41 different countries.

In each of our three priority areas, we have already achieved highly positive results. But we shall continue to engage with our partners on long-term programs; achieving sustainable access to health takes time. That is why in 2014 we are continuing our work by taking the same fundamental approach of fighting more effectively against childhood cancer, improving maternal and neonatal health, especially by supporting the work of midwives, and promoting access to care for those living at the poorest levels of society in France and in the world’s least developed countries to achieve the goal of universal health coverage.

On behalf of the Foundation team, I would like to warmly thank all our partners, communities, organizations, stakeholders and health authorities involved in our pilot field programs. We would like to honor them in this annual report along with Sanofi’s affiliates and employees who are so deeply committed in working with us.

Let us maintain our efforts to create a more equitable, more accountable, and more sustainable way forward for human development.

Caty Forget Managing Director of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation