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Logo : SANOFI.

Photo : Christopher A. Viehbacher.

Christopher A. Viehbacher, C.E.O. of Sanofi

Present in over 100 countries, Sanofi works every day to protect health, improve the quality of life, and respond to the hopes and potential needs of seven billion people on the planet.

Our 110,000 employees are proud of our mission to improve health, understanding that health is the most valuable human asset.

Equally, we have a huge responsibility. Today one in three people worldwide – nearly 2.5 billion people – do not have access to basic healthcare.

Through our expertise, experience and global presence, we have the means to help improve access to health for populations in need. We also have an obligation: health is not simply a human right but a critical precondition for the well-being and economic development of families, communities and countries.

True to its values and because it is a stakeholder in the international community, the Sanofi Group has always implemented major access to medicine and vaccines programs to support the world’s most vulnerable populations. We also understand that it is essential to listen to our partners and work with them to assess the needs in advance. As a result, we can develop programs that go beyond donating drugs, leveraging our expertise and know-how to ensure a real impact on access to healthcare for the world’s poorest citizens.

Through the Sanofi Espoir Foundation we work with committed partners on the ground to build programs in prevention, education, and training healthcare service providers to support health policies. By promoting access to healthcare for the most vulnerable populations, we hope to contribute to reducing poverty in the world and support the further development of the countries in which we operate.