Expert Committee on Maternal and Neonatal Health

The expert Committee on Maternal and Neonatal Health was set up in early 2013. and brings together midwives and medical experts in public health and gynecology and obstetrics around the International Federation of Midwives (ICM).


In France

  • Cécile Grimaldi (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Frédérique Teurnier (former president of the French College of Midwives, the ICM, representative in France)
  • Patricia Vasseur (Saint-Denis hospital)

In the Netherlands

  • A representant from the International Confederation of Midwives, La Haye, Netherlands

In Africa

  • Annie Hortense Hatchoumi ICM, Cameroon, National President of the Association of Midwives and Related Professions in Cameroon (ASFAC) and Vice President of the Federation of Midwifery Associations in French-speaking Africa (FASFAF)
  • Rachel Mboumba Midwife and teacher, independent consultant for Midwifery Practice
  • Laure Monteiro (ICM, Benin)

Experts in gynecology and obstetric or in public health

  • Paule Herschkorn Barnu (gynecologist and obstetrician, Director of the SOLIPAM network)
  • Luc de Bernis (obstetricians-gynecologists, former main adviser in maternal health in Africa for the UNFPA)
  • Richard Beddock (gynecologist and obstetrician, Vice-President of Gynécologie Sans Frontières)
  • Vincent Fauveau (former advisor in maternal health for the UNFPA, teacher and researcher in International Public Health)
  • Jean Marc Mayenga (gynecologist and obstetrician, Saint Cloud hospital )