Improving access to health for the most vulnerable populations

In France, according to INSEE, more than 8.8 million people live on less than €1 008 per month, or 14% of the population.

In 72.1% of the cases, the reason for relinquishing treatment is lack of financial resources

Structuring and adapting care provision for those most in need in France

Extreme poverty persists in France, affecting more and more people, including women and children. For the hardest hit, accessing healthcare can be an insurmountable obstacle.

Acknowledging this growing problem and the need to act urgently to adapt care to new needs, the Foundation has chosen to support additional programs focused on new activities and locations.

Key figures

Since 2010 the Foundation has supported 11 projects in France, which have helped to cover 57,500 beneficiaries, including 50% of women and children.

Enabling access to healthcare to the most vulnerable