Fighting against childhood cancer

Each year, nearly 250,000 children and adolescents are faced with cancer, and 100,000 of them die.In industrialized countries, 80% of them can be cured. This figure falls to 20% or even 10% in a country with limited resources, and yet 80% of the children who are affected live in these geographies. The reasons are patent: lack of information, late diagnosis, and often difficult access to care and treatment.

By creating My Child Matters in 2006, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation generated the momentum and necessary synergies to improve access to diagnosis and treatment for the world’s most disadvantaged children.

This program was developed with the aid of international cancer experts (from St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the International Society of Pediatric Oncology, and the International Union Against Cancer among others) and operates on a project basis, calling for tenders from institutions, NGOs or hospitals in limited-resource countries.

Ten years after its launch, My Child Matters is now one of the major initiatives attempting to give children with cancer the same chances of recovery all around the world

A pluridisciplinary approach

  • Training of health workers
  • Decentralization of care
  • Creation of rates between health workers
  • Implementation of cancer registries
  • Support to actions against pain, palliative care, and psycho social support
  • Awareness campaign

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The My Child Matters experience has shown that focusing on these issues leads to improvements in infrastructure, quality of life, knowledge about the disease burden, and improved expertise of healthcare professionals.

To ensure that lack of experience does not prevent engagement; My Child Matters provides not only financial assistance but support in the form of mentoring and individualized advice to make absolutely sure that all projects that receive aid have the same chance of success

Alia ZAIDI, Medical director My Child Matters

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