Improving maternal and neonatal health

5.5 millionwomen and newborns die each year in developing countries

Sources: WHO, The Lancet 2016

Death pourcentage of newborns and womenof these deaths occur in developing countries, particularly in Africa end Asia

Source: WHO

Providing women and newborns in developing countries with better access to quality care

In Africa, the majority of women and their babies do not receive skilled care at delivery or effective pre- or post-natal care. Since 2010, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation has supported the development of long-term programs to improve maternal and newborn/neonatal health, especially by improving the skills of health professionals. In 2017, with the aim of providing operational responses, the Foundation decided to explore areas where there are still major unmet needs:

  • improving pre- and post-natal care and prevention,
  • controlling maternal and neonatal infections.

Foundation's action 2010-2017