«Mothers' Words, Women's Wounds»

«My Child Matters» : An international program, developed in Africa, Asia and Latin America to fight against childhood cancer.


«My Child Matters» in 1 minute:

Movie of the «My Child Matters» 10th anniversary:

The movie illustrates the program in the Senegal.

The movie illustrates the program in the Philippines.

The movie illustrates the program in Paraguay

Improving maternal and newborn health throught the "Midwives for Life" programm

Improving healthcare access in France

According to the INSEE statistics agency, 8.2 million people or 13.5% of the population in France today live below the poverty line (less than €954 a month). To improve their access to healthcare, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation is supporting its long-term partners in their daily struggle in France.

A Call for life » program in Benin

Each month, 150 women in Benin die while giving life. CARE France and Sanofi Espoir Foundation launched A Call for Life in 2011, in order to develop an integrated approach in Benin to reducing maternal and infant mortality, and offset midwives absences in some of the country areas.

Treat postpartum haelorrhage in Benin

Discover the video on Karamatou Adegnika Bangbola’s project, winner of Midwives for Life Awards 2014 for her project to use a catheter in the prevention and early treatment of obstetric fistula

Sanofi Season of Solidarity 2013

An annual international event dedicated to solidarity, giving employees the opportunity to meet partner associations and to organize solidarity activities for their benefit