Strengthen the Group’s employees involvement

Solidarity is deeply rooted in our corporate culture, which means that the Sanofi Espoir Foundation can count on the active involvement of Sanofi employees.

Their mobilization can take many forms:.

  • Employee involvement in projects supported by the Foundation by giving partner associations the benefit of employees’ expertise and experience through skills patronage missions or voluntary work.
  • Employee support through appeals for generosity and collections launched by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation or the Group, particularly during humanitarian emergencies.
  • Creating and implementing solidarity initiatives during the Solidarity Season organized each year by more than 30 Sanofi affiliates, bringing together partner associations, employees and their families.

Sponsorship is one way to change the world and make it fairer. Each according to our own capacity, we can all become philanthropists

François Debiesse, President of the ADMICAL

Strengthen the Group’s employees involvement