Main selection criteria

Your project will be eligible for support by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation provided it satisfies the main criteria of convergence, innovation and social utility, local ownership, an inclusive partnership, and sustainability.


  • Your project is in line with the Foundation’s mission: It helps reduce healthcare inequalities for the most needy communities and patients.
  • Your project helps build local capabilities and improve public healthcare, particularly in the areas of education and prevention, improving access to care, training health professionals, fighting maternal and/or child mortality and diseases that are widespread in emerging and developing countries where sanofi-aventis can contribute its own experience and expertise.

Innovation and Social Utility

  • Your project meets healthcare needs that are not adequately addressed, particularly for children, women and more generally those who need it most.
  • Your project proposes social and development innovations especially in helping to reduce poverty.
  • You have set indicators to measure your project’s social impact on the communities that stand to benefit from it, and you will be able to demonstrate a significant impact, including a capacity to leverage healthcare policy of the country concerned.

Local Ownership

  • Your project is based on an analysis of locally expressed needs and supports local government policies.
  • Your on-site teams can provide additional expertise to the recipient countries by supporting and accompanying local players.
  • Your project provides tools to build on good practices that facilitate local empowerment and can be adapted to other locations.

Inclusive Partnerships and Sustainability

  • Your project is based on involving local players in building and carrying out the project with you.
  • Your project makes it possible to go beyond purely financial support and share human, professional, and technical skills in a strong partnering mindset.
  • Your project operates in one of the countries where the sanofi-aventis Group is present and can call on voluntary work or skills sponsorship if this proves beneficial to the project.
  • Your project relies on a network of partners and on public/private funding that together ensure that it will be robust, independent and empowered over the long term.
  • Your project encourages involvement from health authorities in order to have the best possible chance of being sustainable and to amplify its overall impact.