The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is partnering a web-documentary: "My life on a shoe-string" (“Ma vie à deux balles”)

November 14, 2013


Beset by difficulties with housing, healthcare and temporary employment contracts, young people are having to bear the brunt of the effects of the economic and social crisis.


The Sanofi Espoir Foundation acts with its partners to improve access to health care for the most vulnerable populations. It is for this reason that it chose to support this web-documentary which highlights this problem which mainly concerns young people.

"My life on a shoe-string" is a web-documentary directed by Sophie Brandström that portrays a young person who uses whatever they have at hand to get by – their own resources, sharing, solidarity, recycling, and pooling resources - in a humorous, energetic and creative mix.

This original project shows the lives of six students who use “getting by” as a lifestyle. Comic book writer Yatuu provides an original commentary on what they do, helped by researchers, sociologists, association leaders, etc. plus a support platform, Le Compoir de la Débrouille (a how to get by website) that enables other users to send in their ideas.

Jean-François Corty, Director of the French missions for Médecins du Monde association, sheds light on life for the most vulnerable demographic in France:

«Young people from 16 to 25, whether alone or with their families, find it increasingly difficult to access care, so they tend to delay or even give up trying to get healthcare. The health of the most precarious population is deteriorating and there is more inequality among those who do have access to healthcare.».

Building on its actions in France, with Sanofi Espoir Foundation as a partner, Médecins du Monde is trying to improve the health of people living in poverty. "It means telling young people that they have rights, including the right to benefit from these rights," says Jean -François Corty.

Find out more and watch the film Ma vie à 2 balles (french)