William Daniels wins humanitarian Visa d'Or

September 05th, 2014

The jury for the fourth "ICRC humanitarian Visa d'Or" has awarded the prize to William Daniels (Panos Pictures) for his work in the Central African Republic.

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation wins the Grand Oscar in Corporate Philanthropy in 2014

For this edition, contestants were asked to illustrate the subject of health care in danger.

Jury chairman, journalist Didier François emphasized both the angle taken and mastery of technique. "This report took a human, controlled approach, giving an accurate account of the problem of access to health care for civilians in the Central African Republic," he said. "Reading between the lines, we understand all the difficulties encountered by medical staff, who are often targets themselves."

According to Pierre Gentile, who leads the ICRC's "Health care in danger" project, William Daniels' report "effectively highlights the violence perpetrated against patients and health personnel in the Central African Republic. It fits in perfectly with the world-wide "Health Care in Danger" campaign the ICRC launched four years ago, which aims to ensure safer access to effective and impartial health care during conflict and violence."

Thanks to the support of the Sanofi Espoir foundation, the prize is worth 8,000 euro. It has been officially presented to William Daniels in Perpignan the 4th of September as part of the 26th "Visa pour l'image”.

Created in 2011 as part of the international "Visa pour l'image" festival of photojournalism, the "ICRC humanitarian Visa d'Or" is awarded for a report that highlights the issues of health care in danger and respect for medical activities during armed conflict and violence.

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