My Child Matters: Training Session in Pediatric Palliative Care and Pain Control in Africa

September 11th, 2017

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation, as part of its My Child Matters program, is supporting a training project in pediatric palliative care and pain control in Africa, in partnership with the GFAOP (Franco-African Group of Pediatric Oncology).

65 health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, anthropologists, social workers) were trained during 3 sessions organized in 2017 successively in Dakar, Abidjan and Rabat. These professionals are part of multidisciplinary teams working in oncopediatrics. They come from 10 French-speaking African countries and, in order to participate in this training, have all presented a project focused on the fight against pain and the organization of palliative care to be implemented locally, in their respective units.

A symposium is planned in 2018 with all teams to evaluate the results of these implementations.