Seminar on Intellectual Disabilities, organized by our partner Santé Sud in Tunisia

Poster of the Seminar on Intellectual Disabilities

November 8, 2011

As part of its project on “Promoting human rights for the intellectually disabled in the Mediterranean region”, Santé Sud held a seminar in Tunis (Tunisia) in early October to share experiences among Mediterranean associations in the areas of early detection, care and socio-economic integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

This meeting enabled the 80 participants to exchange both national and transversal experiences in the presence of representatives from government, partner associations and disability workers from Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia and other countries in the Mediterranean region.

Dr. Cokri Jeriba, Medical Director for Regulatory and Public Affairs in the Sanofi affiliate in Tunisia, reaffirmed the commitment of the Group and of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation to the field of disability and mental health.


From left to right:

Mohamed Zribi, General Director for Social Promotion,
Ministry of Social Affairs;
Nicole Hanssen, Head of Programs at Santé Sud;
Dr Cokri Jeribi, Medical Director – Regulatory and
Public Affairs, Sanofi Tunisia;
Dr Ben Nasser, President of the Tunisian Union for Aid
to the Intellectually Disabled (UTAIM)

These two days were focused on such key issues as:

  • “How to accept the otherness of people experiencing intellectual disability in our society?”
  • “How to introduce men or women with intellectual disabilities to the world of work and enable them to contribute effectively to society without denying their disability?”
  • “How to promote screening and early treatment to increase the chances of reaching adulthood with a reduced level of social and occupational disability and in some cases with a professional qualification.”

Sanofi Espoir Foundation is a partner to this innovative project that has been led by the NGO Santé Sud since 2007, and implemented in 3 countries:

A Trans-Mediterranean meeting is scheduled in Marseille on March 2012, to take stock of the progress achieved in these countries and build on best practices.