Fighting infectious and neglected diseases: two new projects supported by Sanofi Espoir Foundation

December 13, 2011

The Foundation team submitted two new development aid projects to the Selection Committee meeting on November 10, and then to the Board of Directors on December 9.

Each of these projects has been studied holistically, taking into account the key issues of community awareness and education, early diagnosis through improved training of the healthcare workers, and access for patients and fighting against the disease’s stigma. The Foundation and its partners will also pay particular attention to assessing social and economic impacts, and building further on these pilot initiatives.

The two projects that have been approved are:

Fighting tuberculosis in South Africa

The “Inhibit TB” project organized in partnership with the Aurum Institute and the South African Ministry of Health will fight tuberculosis in South Africa through public awareness raising, prevention, the home screening of families, training social workers and reinforcing healthcare systems.

The project is funded with nearly a million euros over three years, and will be supported jointly by the Foundation and Sanofi’s subsidiary in South Africa.

Fighting epilepsy in Africa and Asia

This new project led by the WHO in partnership with the Ministries of Health and local organizations, will tackle epilepsy, one of the world’s most neglected diseases. It will be organized in two countries, one in Africa and one in Asia.

DWith a budget of nearly €2 million for four years, the project aims to improve early diagnosis and the treatment of epilepsy by building a network of and training healthcare workers, raising community awareness and fighting against the stigma attached to the disease, and factoring its treatment into primary care healthcare actions.