Women’s day

March 8, 2012

On the occasion of International Women's Day, a number of the Foundation’s partner associations around the world are organizing events to focus on women, who so often feature at the heart of their prevention, awareness, and access to care action programs.

Samusocial Peru's participation in a festive event in Huaycan

The Samusocial Peru, for example, is organizing a neighborhood party led jointly by the various stakeholders in the Huaycan (associations, parishes, and local public services), to inform women about their rights, raise awareness about the prevention of risk factors, and underscore their qualities and their role within the family and community. The association is putting on a small participatory theater event to raise awareness about the equality and freedom of choice between men and women, and will be receiving women at a booth presenting the various educational resources at their disposal to protect against health, social and psychological risks.

This event also offers an opportunity to inform women about the services offered by Samusocial Peru (emergency shelters for abused women and their children, medical service and psychological counseling, social and legal support, etc).

“African Great Lakes” - A documentary paying tribute to the women who suffered in the armed conflict in DRC

Titouan Lamazou, the artists and founder of the Lysistrata association supported by Sanofi Espoir Foundation, visited the heart of the Great Lakes region in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to meet women who still bear the scars of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and the African World War of 1998-2003.

Their names are Solange, Justine, Teresa, Mama Florence, Sindra or Rachel and they testify on camera in displacement camps and transit centers of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, in associations that fight against sexual violence and support HIV victims in the city of Goma, and in isolated villages in the middle of the forest.


This African Great Lakes documentary directed by Claire Duguet
will air on the French television channel
France 0 on Thursday, March 8.

Sanofi Espoir Foundation is tasked with helping reduce health inequalities and fighting against poverty, and has made the fight against maternal and infant mortality in developing countries one of its key priorities.

Helping improve the status of women is one of the most effective strategies for society as a whole, because women are the main stakeholders in the process of development and in reducing poverty.

Jean-François Dehecq, President of Sanofi Espoir Foundation