Paris, June 1st, 2012: the Mama Happening

Throughout the world, collective movements are being created to support the struggle against maternal mortality. On the eve of Mother's Day in France, the Stand Up collective met together to encourage further support.

Read the portrait of Esther Madudu

Esther Madudu, Ugandan midwife,
Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015

This special day dedicated to the life and health of mothers in Africa was marked by the exceptional presence of Esther Madudu in Paris. It was in France that this Ugandan midwife and candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2015, came to launch her first call for international solidarity. For the first time, Esther, who practices in a remote center in Uganda and aids 5 to 10 women to give birth each day, sometimes by the light of her mobile phone, visited a maternity hospital where European teams benefit from all the necessary equipment and medicines. It was an opportunity for her to share her experience and report on the realities in Africa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Stand Up collective composed of committed personalities* involved, campaign partners, the Port Royal (AP-HP), school of midwifery and maternity, the Club Santé Afrique, and many private and institutional players in the world of international solidarity, all responded to the appeal and signed the petition to support her symbolic candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015.

* In France the Stand Up collective includes a number of committed women including Teguest Guerma (International Director, AMREF, ad former director of HIV/AIDS at the WHO), Marie-Josée Keller (President, of the National Council of the Order of Midwives), Caty Forget (Managing Director of Sanofi Espoir Foundation), Maryse Ewanje-Epée (athlete, columnist and broadcaster), Béatrice Schönberg (journalist and TV presenter), Liya Kebede (top model) and the actresses Caterina Murino and Aissa Maiga.