Humanitarian crisis in the Sahel: the Sanofi Espoir Foundation is participating in emergency actions via the new READY Fund

July 16, 2012

Over 15 million people are currently affected by a severe food crisis in several countries in the Sahel region, including over one million children at risk from acute malnutrition.

Via the new READY Fund, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation is supporting the setting up of a crisis unit based in Dakar, which is specifically tasked with monitoring the food and nutrition situation in six Sahel countries: Chad, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Senegal and Burkina Faso.

The crisis unit will track the changing needs and coordinate Red Cross emergency actions working with partners in the six countries. In addition to this emergency, it will also help in the development of longer-term measures to limit the adverse effects of the crisis on vulnerable communities.


About the READY Fund

The READY Fund was created by the Red Cross in April 2012, with support from Sanofi Espoir Foundation, together with the first two partners: the Total Foundation and Technip. The fund's main objective is to ensure better community preparedness for disasters and to offer resources to act directly in crises that are either ignored or insufficiently publicized. Drawing on pooled expertise and financial resources, the Fund can share ideas and develop action plans that combine prevention, emergency response and post-emergency programs around a sustainable humanitarian mission.

Find out more about the READY Fund: Donwload the press release of the French Red Cross dated April 18, 2012: