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Launch of the “Be a volunteer” site: the international volunteering platform

23 juillet 2012

There are many current and former Sanofi employees who want to make sense of their commitment by providing time and expertise for the benefit of public-interest initiatives. To strengthen the linkage between these volunteers and partner organizations, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation and five pilot countries - Brazil, China, USA, France, and Morocco - have decided to launch the international "Be a volunteer" platform for sharing and solidarity. The aim is to inform people about volunteering opportunities, publish offers for volunteer assignments by partner associations, and share the feedback from both volunteers and associations.

In order to offer the widest possible choice, the assignments on offer can come from Sanofi Espoir Foundation's partner, subsidiaries, sites and other Group entities. They can also be sent in by employees on behalf of associations in which they are already volunteers. Using the search engine, anyone wishing to get involved can select proposals on the basis of location, timetable, and nature of the assignment. The website is in currently in launch mode, but already nearly a hundred assignments have been posted. They cover a wide range of skills from helping to build a website or running activities for children in hospital to distributing meals or providing medical assistance to the most needy.

The “Be a volunteer” site can be accessed by a simple password common o everyone and will be localized to five pilot countries in mid-July 2012. It will later open in new areas in 2013 if this first test phase attracts interest from employees.