Tremplins Jeunes Solidarité Santé

(Young People’s Health Solidarity Springboards)

February 19, 2013

Tremplins Jeunes Solidarité Santé - 2012

For the second year, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation and its partner Santé Sud have launched the Tremplins Jeunes Solidarité Santé (Young People’s Health Solidarity Springboards) that encourages French student associations to set up international humanitarian projects in healthcare in developing countries and emerging economies.

For the 2012/2013 class, five projects were selected

  • Better management of malaria in Burkina Faso
    Pharma Lyon Humanitaire Association, Lyon
    Sanofi Pasteur sponsors: Jérôme Colas et Françoise Ribes
  • Improving health conditions and access to healthcare for communities in comedor Argentina
    Unis-Terre Association, Marseille
    Sanofi sponsors: Gilles Peltier et Ruth Levet-Steiger
  • Improving the detection and care of children with speech-related diseases (deafness, stuttering, multiple disabilities) Burkina Faso
    OrthoFaso Association, Montpellier
    Sanofi sponsors : Sabrina Pastor et Brice Henrio
  • Improving maternal and child health in guinea and raising women’s awareness of the importance of prenatal checkups
    Association Guinéenne des Etudiants de Strasbourg, Strasbourg
    Sanofi sponsors : Nathalie Derimay et Nathalie Brenet
  • Monitoring pregnant women in rural Morocco
    Etudes et Development Association, Nogent-sur-Marne
    Sanofi sponsors : Mirella Perrone et Martine Matuszek

Each winner received aid of €4,000 or €5,000 for their project and an opportunity to benefit from the support of two Sanofi experts as sponsors for a year

On Monday, February 4, the sponsors and associations spent a day of meetings and work on their projects. The beginning of a grand humanitarian adventure!

  • Association Etudes et Développement
  • Association OrthoFaso
  • Association Guinéenne des Etudiants de Strasbourg
  • Association Pharma Lyon Humanitaire
  • Association Unis-Terre

Focus on the sponsors for 2011/2012

For a whole year, eight Sanofi sponsors helped their young adoptees to implement their project. They shared their personal experience and professional expertise to add weight to the team and make sure that the project worked properly.

One year later, this is what the sponsors had to say :

Being a sponsor for a Tremplins project is a unique and very rewarding experience. It involves helping students for a year to set up a humanitarian project, shape it and bring it to life, and then see how it actually works in the field
I was already involved in humanitarian circles, so I really enjoyed offering my experience to young people who want to change the world and create better access to care in countries that need it most.

Julie Coulet et Laurence Bernard from the Sanofi Montpellier site, godmothers of the Pharma Humanitaire association in Montpellier

Sharing our experiences and vision with students is a very original adventure that meant a lot to us. We hope we helped these young people by fitting naturally into their project. One of us had knowledge of Africa and the other some experience with other projects, so we tried to provide relevant advice and solutions. We hope that this year of sponsorship was rewarding for everyone.

Nelly Landry et François Mireux from Sanofi Pasteur Lyon, Sponsors of the Lyon Solidaire association.

To make sure that our mission could be maximally effectively, we first worked with the students to identify ONE absolute priority: the lack of a permanent device that could provide knowledge about the project and would allow better monitoring and better hand-over from one year to the next. Throughout the year, we used this key idea to guide our work and strengthen the way the association operated. And now a year later, we are happy to see that we fully achieved our goal. This is very rewarding.

Michel Labory et Miguel Antoine, sponsors of the Mission Potosi in the Paris region.

The two sponsors from the Sanofi Sisteron site, Ruth Levet-steiger and Gilles Peltier, whose Mali project had to be discontinued during the year, have decided to go for another experience with the Unis-Terre association and implement the project in Argentina.