On Mother’s Day, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation reiterates its commitment to helping women

May 26, 2013


Support for the “Stand Up for African Mothers” campaign

Since it was launched in September 2011, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation has been actively involved in the international “Stand Up for African Mothers” campaign which aims to train 15,000 African midwives in 15 countries by 2015 aims so as to reduce maternal mortality in Africa by 25%.

162,000 women die each year in the continent due to lack of basic healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth – or one woman every 19 minutes!

As a result of this campaign, which also aims to mobilize the international community, 2,845 midwives are already in training programs started in six countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, and South Sudan).

Graça Machel Mandela
In the 21st century, motherhood should not rhyme with mortality, whatever the continent.

     Graça Machel Mandela

Stand Up for African Mothers” supports the candidacy of African midwives for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 through the symbolic choice of Ester Madudu, a midwife in Uganda, where the Sanofi Espoir Foundation is supporting the AMREF to train midwives.


One trained midwife means 500 mums helped each year and thousands of women educated and made fully aware of their rights and of the benefits of family planning

My name’s Tiramed Adinew. I’m a health assistant in the Erbo Center in Ethiopia. I cover a village of 5,378 people, visiting every family and helping prevent the most common diseases and promote best health practices. I was trained by the AMREF in reproductive health, malaria prevention, sexually transmitted diseases and hygiene. What I learned is a great help because many women here suffer from problems caused by carrying water for miles even when they’re pregnant. I teach them the best way to manage their pregnancy and they very often call me for their deliveries.


On Mother’s Day, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation reiterates its support for the campaign to speed up the training of midwives as they play a key role in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in Africa. The Foundation has also partnered in producing an awareness kit that was distributed to midwifery schools in France and Africa.

  Call for projects “A midwife for every mother & baby”

Launch of a call for proposals to boost midwifery in developing countries

So that every mother and newborn baby can benefit from healthcare from a trained midwife.

According to reported data, about 300,000 women die during pregnancy, childbirth or the postpartum period each year.

Of the eight Millennium Development goals, the two that are specifically related to improving the health of women and newborns (children) are those that are currently furthest from being reached.

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

To step up its efforts to fight against maternal and neonatal mortality, and go beyond the 11 projects already supported, la Fondation vient de lancer un nouvel appel à projets baptisé “A midwife for evrey woman and baby”, The Foundation has just launched a new call for projects called “A midwife for every mother and baby” targeting countries in Asia, Africa, Asia and Latin America where well-trained midwives are sorely lacking, especially in remote rural areas. This absence weighs heavily on families, communities and the overall development of these countries.