Helping improve the lives of the most excluded communities

Improving access to health for the most vulnerable communities

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It is very important that Emmaüs Défi monitors people on inclusion programs because some of them are afraid of doctors or would not see one for fear of being told to take leave from work.

Bernard (a supported employee)

Given the number and importance of the difficulties that are facing the employees we support, we must include health issues in their integration process if we want to sustainably improve their situation.

Sophie Roche, project manager

Location of Project Paris
Name of Association Emmaüs Défi

Emmaüs Défi

Issue / local context

Emmaüs Défi is a Paris-based job insertion project created in March 2007 following the housing crisis protest on the Canal St Martin. The social project is to build on this work by providing an activity that will suit each person and thereby trigger a job insertion drive. Due to the lack of criteria for hiring someone, other than the fact of not having accommodation, the project targets people in situations of extreme exclusion that covers a combination of issues including employment, health, housing, administrative, and literally not knowing ‘how to live.’

Employees aided by Emmaüs Défi encounter a number of problems:

  • Employees who are particularly vulnerable when they start a job
  • More than a third of employees are in situations which exceed the "average" rate of 10 brakes on personal progress.
  • Their situation constitutes an "exclusion trapdoor": they not only suffer from a heavy combination of negative factors but each individual brake on successful job-seeking for this cohort is also a heavy burden to bear.

Program description

The project strengthens Emmaüs Défi’s resources for factoring the health dimension into all support arrangements proposed on the project:

  • In operational support on a daily basis by the training/awareness raising of technical supervisors: these supervisors can identify health-related problems, and share information about them with socio-professional vocational training specialists
  • In providing socio-professional support by mobilizing more partners: Emmaüs Défi can provide appropriate responses, with milestones that match each individual’s time scheme
  • In providing physical support for the employees when they go for their medical check-ups to ensure that employees actually attend these appointments.

The project's objectives

  1. Train permanent staff about health problems
  2. Develop partnerships with health players so as to guide employees supported by Emmaüs Défi
  3. Help employees to attend their medical appointments.