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DSAFIR (Rights, Health and Access to Care for Accommodated, Isolated and Refugee Women)

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Localisation du projet France : Ile-de-France
Nom de l’association

SamuSocial de Paris in partnership with the University of Paris 1 (Demography Institute Research Center)

Issue/local context

People at extreme risk of poverty are usually overlooked by observations from large national surveys. There is very little solid information on the health of people living in hostels, including their sexual and reproductive health, even though this is a growing population. In the Greater Paris region, Samusocial de Paris accommodates people in more than 500 hostels, with more than 30,000 overnight stays every 24 hours.

Program description

The project supported by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation will make it possible to analyze how social and gender inequalities are produced. This survey will track a group of women to observe their difficulties in accessing information and healthcare, and test the effectiveness of certain approaches.

Project objectives

This knowledge about barriers in terms of law, health, and access to care for refugee women who are either vulnerable or abused will help design and build tools and schemes to help these women freely choose what they want for themselves and their couples.

  1. Improve knowledge of women’s situation (and their expectations) and existing schemes by interviewing professionals and women being cared for.
  2. Identify obstacles or drivers to accessing rights and care
  3. Provide expert content to design tools and schemes to improve the supply of care and service.