Fighting against childhood cancer

My Child Matters”: to ensure that all children with cancer have the same chance to recover anywhere in the world

The cancer isn’t recognized; it’s diagnosed too late; cancer management infrastructures are non-existent; or treatments, when they are initiated, are quickly abandoned.

Cary Adams, Chief Executive Officer of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

Location of Project Africa: French-speaking countries.
Latin America: Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay
Asia: Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand
Project Partners
(financial and operational)
  • St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • SIOP (International Society of Pediatric Oncology)
  • UICC (International Union Against Cancer)
  • GFAOP (Groupement Franco-Africain d’Oncologie Pédiatrique)
  • AMCC (Global Alliance Against Cancer)
  • CCI (Children Cancer Institute)
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Program description

Every year, more than 300,000 children and teenagers are confronted with cancer. The five-year survival rate for children diagnosed with cancer in developed countries is 80% ; however this rate falls to an average of 20% in low-resource countries and even to 10% in the world’s poorest countries.

The My Child Matters program is a unique initiative developed by the Foundation since 2006 to help children with cancer in low-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to benefit from early diagnosis and better care.

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