Fighting maternal and infant mortality

Strengthening essential emergency care in the field of neonatal obstetrics (SONEU) in Cameroon

Akamba Lydia, 14, and her son sit in the Health Centre Akonolinga, a city in the region of Adamawa (Cameroon Centre). She traveled 11 km by motorcycle to reach the health center and gave birth 20 minutes after she arrived. Both will be back home the same day.

Location of Project Cameroon, parts of Adamawa (5 districts) and Northern (5 districts)
Name of Association (in French)
Project Partners
(financial and operational)
  • Ministry of Health
  • Cameroon Association for Social Marketing
  • United Nations System (German Cooperation)
  • Regional Delegation of Northern Healthcare

Program description

This project helps reduce mortality among children under five and pregnant women in selected health districts in Cameroon by improving accessibility to and the quality of maternal health services and by implementing emergency care in the field of essential neonatal obstetrics.

Following the recommendations of the mid-term review of the Cameroon-UNICEF cooperation program, UNICEF is providing support for the implementation of Accelerated Strategy for Survival and Development of Young Children (ASSSDYC) in the northern region and strengthening existing achievements in the area of Adamawa. This strategy forms part of Cameroon’s national health plan.

To meet local challenges and problems, the program actions will focus on:

  • Strengthening health facilities as the base for community activities.
  • Health education for communities by strengthening community participation.
  • Training/capacity building of health professionals.
  • Access to care for those in the most isolated areas to ensure an equity strategy.
  • Better support for women by raising awareness and documenting best health and protection practices.

This program is based on a community approach focused on improving access to healthcare at all levels of the health system and for all peoples, especially the most isolated.