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Fighting against maternal and neonatal mortality

Sanofi Espoir Foundation is committed to midwives to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.

Too many women still die in the process of giving new life, yet most of these deaths could be prevented by improving access to health centers and better-trained, qualified and more numerous staff, especially in rural areas.

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation supports in-the-field programs to ensure better access to healthcare for every mother and newborn child, with the aim of fighting more effectively against maternal and neonatal mortality.

Twelve programs are currently underway: eight in Africa, three in Asia and one in Latin America involving many local and international partners: healthcare players, international organizations, local NGOs, corporate foundations and Ministries of Health.


"A midwife for every mother and baby": a new call for proposals to support six programs

In 2013, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation launched this call for proposals to fight against maternal and neonatal mortality in developing countries, particularly for the benefit of the poorest populations by strengthening the practice of midwives

These 6 selected projects they, will have trained, by 2015, 4,200 midwives in the following developing countries: Senegal & Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burma, Cambodia, and Mexico and will help strengthen the health policies of these countries. These programs will be supported for a first three-year phase and will aim at increasing the number and skills of midwives by improving training conditions, working to retain them in their jobs, and assigning them to areas where the needs are greatest.

The programs will also expand opportunities for midwives to network more effectively with other health professionals and community workers in towns or whole regions, and enable all partners to share resources and expertise so as to fight more intelligently for.


« Connecting Midwives »: space where to share and create value for the work conducted by midwives

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) decided to launch the “Connecting Midwives" web platform in february 2014, to provide midwives worldwide with a dedicated website where they can share their experiences, and discuss and pool ideas, projects and innovations.

The platform will also reward chosen field initiatives run by midwives through the “Sanofi Espoir Foundation’s Awards for midwives

Any qualified midwife who belongs to a member association of the ICM can take part in this unique recognition program, provided that their project is intended to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and improve healthcare of the neediest women and their newborns. The 10 winning 2014 projects will be selected by a committee of experts. Each of them will win a financial support of €3 000, and the jury's three favorite projects will have the chance to have a documentary film on their project.

We know if women had access to a competent educated midwife that would make a huge difference for the lives of women and babies

Frances Day-Stirk , ICM President-International Confederation of midwives

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