Esther Madudu, Ugandan midwife, Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Esther Madudu

The Stand Up for African Mothers campaign supports the candidacy of Esther Madudu, an African midwife, as representative of everyone who struggles daily to save mothers’ lives.

At 32, Esther is one of those unknown heroines who fights every day against maternal and infant mortality. She has worked as a midwife since the age of 21 in a small village in the Soroti district of Uganda. She works 24 hours a day, and helps give birth to between 45 and 50 babies a month. At the health center, the maternity ward has no electricity and the solar panels do not work, making her work doubly difficult.


E-learning, a key to training midwives

Esther took refresher courses organized by AMREF in 2010. Today, she is able to handle an attack of malaria in a pregnant woman or handle a difficult delivery. She is still undergoing capacity building in e-learning, which is growing more and more relevant, as it enables midwives to stay in their health center and continue working at the same time. IN any case, who would replace them if they didn’t? “When you are a midwife in Africa”, she explains, “You also act as an advisor to whom women come with all their problems, questions and doubts. As well as providing healthcare, we also raise awareness among girls about family planning programs, how to manage difficult or unwanted pregnancies and prevent the transmission of the AIDS virus from mother to child. And we try to do all this despite the desperate shortage of equipment in our health centers. We must draw the world’s attention to the urgent needs of our continent. I am only a midwife but I too do as much as I can in areas where no one else goes. People need to know about it! I am proud to represent all those who, like me, help women give birth surrounded by help and care. I know that I owe my life today to a midwife who helped my mother give birth when I was born prematurely.


Sign the petition

Let’s award the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 to African midwives who are fighting on behalf of mothers in Africa at www.standupforafricanmothers.com.

Our target is 1 million signatories by 2015.