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n°1 / July 2012
« Stand up for African mothers »
International campaign against maternal mortality  
  In Africa, a woman is 110 times more likely to die in childbirth than in Europe. This is a tragedy for families and a serious handicap for the development of African countries. To fight against this injustice, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation has partnered the Stand Up for African Mothers campaign that aims to train 15,000 midwives by 2015 and reduce maternal mortality by 25%.  
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We want to give babies born in Africa a chance to know their mother. In the twenty-first century, maternity should no longer rhyme with mortality."
Graça Machel Mandela  
Godmother of the Stand Up for African Mothers campaign.  
Paris, June 1, 2012: the Mama Happening
Throughout the world, collective movements are being created to support the struggle against maternal mortality. On the eve of Mother's Day in France, the Stand Up collective met together to encourage further support.
Esther Madudu,
Ugandan midwife,
Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015
The Stand Up for African Mothers campaign supports the candidacy of Esther Madudu, an African midwife, as representative of everyone who struggles daily to save mothers' lives.  
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Intensive courses in pediatric oncology in African French speaking countries, supported by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation
Humanitarian crisis in the Sahel: the Sanofi Espoir Foundation is participating in emergency actions via the new READY Fund
June 1st, Official launch of the Club Santé Afrique in Dakar, Senegal
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France – The Foundation launches the “Tremplins Jeunes Solidarité Santé”
4 grants worth €5,000 for solidarity projects from student associations

Launch of the ICRC’s Humanitarian Visa d'Or for medical missions in armed conflict and other violent situations
The French Red Cross creates the READY Fund: The Readiness and Disaster Response Fund
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The Sanofi Espoir Foundation
It is dedicated to reducing inequalities in healthcare over the long term by addressing key issues in prevention, training, and access to care, particularly among the most needy communities and populations.
In addition to responding to humanitarian emergencies, the Foundation is committed to building long-term partnerships in the healthcare and development field so as to reduce the economic burden of disease and overcome the poverty-disease spiral.

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