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fondation Sanofi Espoir
n°2 / October 2012
Partnerships at the heart of the fight against neglected
tropical diseases
Lest we forget: a large-scale awareness-raising strategy  
  These infectious diseases found in hot, humid climates affect a billion people around the world, but they have long been neglected by researchers and funders. In recent years, however, the international community has been mobilizing to fight against these disorders that prevent the world’s deprived populations from escaping from poverty due to their terrible consequences. For Professor Alice Dautry, this unprecedented effort has already led to significant progress.  
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Rich countries have realized that the world in which we live will never reach an equitable balance if one out of every six people continues to be severely affected by avoidable diseases».
Alice Dautry  
Managing Director of the Institut Pasteur, member of the Board of Directors of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation  
  The Foundation is participating in the fight against neglected tropical diseases
Leishmaniasis in Brazil and Venezuela
This complex disfiguring, disabling, and potentially fatal disease kills 1.6 million
new victims every year
Buruli ulcer in Togo, Benin and Cameroon
This condition necrotizes the skin and tissues causing large ulcers, and mostly
affects children, particularly in Central Africa.
Chagas disease in Paraguay
Chagas disease is endemic in the region of Gran Chaco and eliminating its carrier
is a major challenge
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Sanofi Group and the Sanofi Espoir Foundation Support Victims of the Syrian Conflict
Sanofi Espoir Foundation, WHO and their partners are launching a 4 years program to fight against epilepsy in Ghana
2012 Women for Education Award: The Sanofi Espoir Foundation partners the Roundtable and the Award for reducing inequalities in access to education for women and health in Africa
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“Humanitarian Visa d’Or” 2012 Awarded to the Photographer Mani for  his Reports from Syria
INHIBIT TB: launch of new community-based healthcare intervention program to fight against TB & HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Launch of the “Be a volunteer” site: th e international volunteering platform
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The Sanofi Espoir Foundation
It is dedicated to reducing inequalities in healthcare over the long term by addressing key issues in prevention, training, and access to care, particularly among the most needy communities and populations.
In addition to responding to humanitarian emergencies, the Foundation is committed to building long-term partnerships in the healthcare and development field so as to reduce overcome the poverty-disease spiral.

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